The method applied to regenerate the school gardens has been developed on two levels. On the first level, the initial phase of the project has been characterised by the principle of innovation and the involvement of educators, students, headmasters, technicians and operators, which has been fundamental in order to gather various points of view and provide a common project. On the second level, the timeline for the development of playgrounds divided according to themes, size and budget has been prepared.

Elements of the project:
1) presence of items in a good state of conservation, and integration with developments;
2) harmonisation of the quality of gardens in the metropolitan area;
3) determination of priorities according to the needs of the schools, with assessment of low-middle-high value;
4) size of the project area according to the number of students in the school;
5) need to carry out improvements in each school.

After a survey of the gardens and after listening to the operators involved in order to understand the needs of each school, the location of the new play area has been defined. In some cases brand new items have been positioned, in others an integration with existing items has been made.

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