Green office buildings in the UK: a growing trend


Covid-19 has brought many changes, especially in the working life of millions of people. Among these changes, the need to have more vegetation in office buildings is most preeminent. This tendency has already been in vogue for a few years now. However, the Corona pandemic has amplified it.

Developers and real estate firms in the UK have understood that a green office building adds more value to the landscape, also in terms of their own profit. Adding balconies, decks and roof gardens enhances the appeal of a building, making it easier to sell if compared to estates that do not feature open, green spaces.

Nowadays the trend seems to be that of micro indoor landscapes, a theme on which British landscape developers are very competent. Recently, the increasing value of green spaces has become subject to the pressure of local authorities that insist on the enhancement of green infrastructure and green buildings as well.

The Corona pandemic has boosted this vision: people are now working more often from home, they are redesigning their private living spaces, they have a new awareness. As a consequence, there is a greater need for public green spaces. On the side of businesses, instead, especially big establishments that still need and wish to have huge, visible office buildings, the request is to make the workplace more appealing to the employees ASAP, in order to make them wish to go back to the office.

Vegetation plays a key role in this green development through the establishment of roof-top ‘urban farms’, green walls, winter gardens and internal streets sided by trees, as well as other amenities such as yoga studios, break-out zones and in-house bike repair services.

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