Thanks to the deliberation of the city council on 26 June 2018, a project for the creation of a strategic plan for the plants infrastructure in the city of Turin has been created as a means to guide investments and management policies concerning plants.

The plan is in the process of being developed by the committee for plants of the city, side by side to the creation of a programme for climate adaptation and to the process of revision of the “PRGC”.

The plan analyses the existing plant infrastructure in Turin, it defines strategies for its valorisation; for the increase of biodiversity and ecologic connectivity; for the quantification and valorisation of services linked to the ecosystem; to face the critical factors linked to the quality of the environment; and for the innovation in the management of plants in public spaces, also with the activation of strategic partnerships with public and private bodies. The focus is on social and collective participation, but also on the safety of citizens and the management of emergencies.