The “Declaration for the defence of plants in an urban context in Italy” following the Covid-19 outbreak


The publishing house Il Verde Editoriale has presented a declaration for the defence of plants in urban environments to Italian institutions in order to highlight the fragilities and problems that the sector of public and private urban green management faces. With this declaration, Il Verde Editoriale aims at focusing public attention on feasible solutions.

The Declaration highlights the need of a public design and financial strategy for urban green management that could function as a base for local and regional investments. The declaration quotes studies and surveys concerning sustainable planning, the health and wellbeing of citizens, the exploitation of companies who operate in the sector, the importance of training.

Both landscape and biodiversity have allowed our country to be defined “Europe’s Garden” in the past. This heritage needs to be preserved with the right means – as the current sanitary emergency has helped us understand – both in terms of landscape fragility and in terms of lack of green areas, but also with an eye to the future. According to the authors of the Declaration, this could be the occasion to give a positive turn to a sector that needs to change radically, especially on a cultural level, and that can become a proactive element of growth for the whole society.

The Declaration promoted by Il Verde Editoriale is shared by the National council of agronomists and forestry operators (Consiglio Nazionale dell’Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e dei Dottori Forestali) and by some of the main associations involved in the sector: Associazione Analisti Ambientali (AAA), Archeoclub d’Italia, Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio (AIAPP), Associazione Italiana Costruttori del Verde (ASSOVERDE), Associazione Italiana Curatori di Parchi Giardini e Orti Botanici (AICU), Associazione Italiana Direttori e Tecnici dei Pubblici Giardini (AIDTPG), Associazione Italiana per l’Ingegneria Naturalistica (AIPIN), Associazione Italiana Verde Pensile (AIVEP), Coordinamento delle Associazioni Tecnico-Scientifiche per l’Ambiente e il Paesaggio (CATAP), Green City Italia (GCI), Società Italiana di Ecologia del Paesaggio (SIEP-IALE) and Società Italiana di Geologia Ambientale (SIGEA).