Ryder Cup 2022: 50 million for the implementation of infrastructures


Ryder Cup is the most prestigious international golf tournament in the world. In 2022, from 30 September to 4 October, the Ryder Cup will take place in Italy, near Rome.

A seminar on the theme was planned to take place during Myplant 2020, both to reveal some interesting facts and to make clear how the sports industry – which is represented by a specific exhibiting section at Myplant & Garden – is a significant drive for the economy and for the redevelopment of landscape.

This is also demonstrated by a law decree which has been proposed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Paola De Micheli together with the Minister for Economy and Finance Roberto Gualtieri, that entails a 50-million-Euro investment for the creation and maintenance of infrastructures connected to the Ryder Cup. This fund should be exploited over three years, starting in 2020.

The implementation of the infrastructures, as explained in the attachments to the decree, regards the redevelopment of existing structures, the accessibility to the locations that will host the event and the valorisation of the surrounding landscape.