#pillsofarboriculture: Controlled felling of trees using the method of tree climbing


This video shows snapshots of a formation panel dedicated to the felling of trees exploiting the method of tree climbing, one of the most difficult practices used by arborists. In this practice each component of the team has a fundamental role for the others. Techniques, tools, machinery, communication, training: all these factors concur in the positive outcome of an intervention.


Ezio Rochira, Formazione 3T, presents “video-pills” that shed some light on trees and on the operators who manage them: arborists. Who are they? What do they do? What does it mean to manage trees in an urban context, or to prune and fell trees in tree-climbing? Which emergency measures can be undertaken? What are the extra cares needed while working on trees in an urban context populated by many vehicles? How should an ornamental tree be pruned?