Organic vegetable garden


Sustainable, natural practices to manage the garden and plants in general are spreading ever more quickly.

After years of abusing chemicals with impacts both on the environment and on human health, the benefits of natural substances are being rediscovered and are now applied to agriculture and gardening as well.

Horticulture and amateur gardening have welcomed this call.
More and more people get gardening with an eye to the environment and to the wildlife that populates it. Ornamental plants are held into high regard, because every single pot, bush and tree is an independent ecosystem.
Safety plays a significant role as well, especially if plants are located where children or pets are present. In this case, treatments that exploit natural products are usually chosen. This habit has created a domino effect that has reached also horticulture professionals, who often decide to care for parks and gardens by using sustainable products.
Amateur gardeners who care about organic products prepare their own products for plant care by using poison ivy and baking soda.
Poison-ivy extract is one of the basic substances that help contrast fungal diseases such as
powdery and downy mildew and grey mould. Poison ivy is also a natural insect repellent that regulates the development of aphids, lepidoptera, and the red mite.

Baking soda, instead, helps regulate acidity and indirectly controls fungal diseases as well. It can be applied on the foliage, where it is used to contrast fungi, but it can also be used as a soil acidity regulator, in order to improve the health of the plant.
Products such as propolis and soy lecithin, instead, help create stronger shields against various plant diseases, such as downy mildew and scab, which damage plants and make them less appealing.
Other substances such as zeolites, linseed oil and soap help the plant defend itself from the attack of insects such as aphids, scale insects and European corn worm.

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