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MyplanTech is a place of meeting, connection and communication for research, companies and all those involved in the exploration of the world if innovations. Scientific, entrepreneurial and academic research will be more and more significant for the development of the garden industry, but also for everyday life, especially when one considers the events linked to climate change. New machinery, components, hybridisations, softwares, products, substances, food and solutions of every sort keep changing the structure of an industry that promotes novelties.

The world has started to face ever greater challenges, which the garden industry accepts and develops thanks to the creation of new solutions. To mention a few: the defence of land pathologies, policies that contrast climate change, solutions that save water, the use of carbon-free energy tools and machines, the development of bio-design, of highly efficient greenhouses, hydroponics, aeroponics, the research and creation of new hybridisations, circular economy, organic fertilisers, precision agriculture, the defence of biodiversity and food security, the fight against pollution.

MyplanTech is first of all a virtual space in which knowledge and expertise is shared, with the goal of becoming a physical exhibiting section during Myplant 2021.


In space there is no space to waste. Each of the 388 cubic metres of the International Space Station (ISS) is vital for the astronauts who live there, for their equipment and experiments. The efficient handling of waste and resources is paramount. With these objectives in mind, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has hypothesised a way of limiting...
The dynamic form of the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo Dubai, designed by Grimshaw Architects, has a prolific relationship with the place and its physic and environmental contexts in that it demonstrates a new way of living sustainably in a particularly hostile, desert environment. Taking inspiration from natural processes such as photosynthesis, the high performance of the Sustainability...

Smart irrigation

Idroplan is an innovative system that supports irrigation planning. It allows the optimisation of water, saving both energy costs and more than 40% of the water supply. Idroplan revises the irrigation plan at constant intervals and assesses the quantity of treatments needed. It involves various applications, among which the integration with predictive models of primary and secondary...
Sustainable development of biocomposites has been limited by the shortage of monomers with an organic base that could combine an organic process and high performance. Recent experimentation on the numerous applications of wood is showing how this material can be transformed through innovative processes unimaginable until recently. For a few years now, experiments on the use of...
The market of organic products for agriculture such as biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilisers is rapidly growing because agriculture is trying to move towards more sustainable ways of increasing crops using new protection methods that do not exploit chemicals. A report by IDTechEx, a research company that investigates emerging technologies, gives us a complete analysis of the marketing...


Marco Migliari

Architect, specialised in industrial design

Umberto Andolfato

Headmaster of ITT CAT Carlo Bazzi in Milan, Vice President of AIAPP Lombardia