The choice of flowers for the wedding instalments


In order to obtain the desired effect with floral instalments during a wedding ceremony, various factors need to be taken into account. The main objective is to let one’s personality and taste emerge through the floral arrangements.
Flowers, with their colours and scents have many symbolical meanings linked to traditions and habits, which vary from country to country. Once the necessary confidence with the flower universe is acquired, each tiny detail will play a fundamental role in the creation of floral arrangements.
Everything will be analysed and considered in depth to create the perfect bouquet.
The romantic bouquet with a circular form is ideal for white peonies, small calla lilies and
hydrangeas: these flowers create a perfect, harmonic, soft composition.
The white rose, queen of purity and romanticism, can be arranged with other flowers with pastel tones in order to imbue a delicate touch to the bouquet. A green tone can be added by using ivy, which also confers movement to a delicate arrangement.
The rose is the ideal traditional choice that confers a touch of sentimental creativity, sprinkled with pale, soft colours.
Tiny bouquets can also be used to decorate the setting of the ceremony, be it a church or another location. They will enhance the context of the location.
One must never forget that in order to organise a wedding it is necessary to establish a leitmotif that unites all the elements of the event, so as to create balance and harmony. However, the floral arrangements do not necessarily need to be the same both in the ceremony and in the reception areas. For instance, one colour and different types of flowers can be selected or, vice versa, the same flower in various nuances.



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