The design studio is a research lab for new habitat models that aim at contrasting social and architectural degradation and pollution in urban areas. The architects at Urban Gap are sensitive to the themes of urban reforestation and roof gardens. They propose new-generation projects of urban redevelopment and sustainable architecture to answer to the current and future needs of cities, by integrating vegetation and buildings. They go as far as imagining a “green skin” that covers the surface of buildings.


Myplantonline presents some design studios that present their solutions, suggestions and points of vies with an eye to sustainability in short videos. Public and private spaces, urban redevelopment, landscape regeneration, reuse of existing buildings are some of the themes highlighted in these presentations, that help one imagine and develop more sustainable ways of living, working and moving, which are also closer to nature.

The section is curated by EN SPACE network.

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She has always been involved in the relationship of man and nature. In 1995 she became the owner of a building firm after a 10-year experience in the field. Through the process of organisation of a building site, she has learned a work method that can be applied to every activity, both from a design-related point of view and from an entrepreneurial point of view. In 2002 she opened her own design studio in Milan after years of practice in other firms. She develops new architectural and landscape projects, and coordinates instalments, events and exhibitions, among which: Urban Solutions for Fiera Milano (2009), Culture_Nature for the Biennale di Architettura di Venezia (2012), d’Annunzio and Giardini di Pan for Vittoriale degli Italiani (2014-2016). In 2006 she funded EN SPACE network, a project that brings together various activities, bodies and companies. Since 2015 she cooperates with Myplant & Garden for the section landscape and building. Among her clients: Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Musei Vaticani, IPM Italia, Italtufi, Jacuzzi. She is currently involved in the project L-ODO-ROSA, which she has invented and which she coordinates.