Horticulture in Italy: exemption from payment of contributions and bigger Bonus Verde


The exemption from the payment of contributions would bring immediate benefits to companies operating in the garden industry.

The request of exemption from the payment of contributions for the companies operating in the horticulture industry has been put forward by Luca Magazzini (Associazione Vivaisti Italiani), Nada Forbici (Assofloro), Paolo Arienti (Distretto Vivaistico Pianta Regina) and Mario Faro (Consorzio Florovivaistico e Agroalimentare dello Ionio), following Coldiretti’s lead.

Moreover, the promoters of the exemption have requested an update of the Bonus Verde, both as regards the amount of deductibility (from 36% to 90%) and as fa as the limit of expense is concerned: they ask to raise it from 5,000 to 10,000 Euro.