“I put my foot on the ground, enchanted by the magnificence of that clear mirror, and by the beauty of the coast on the side nearer Brescia”. With these words Goethe expressed his awe at seeing the magnificent nature around Garda Lake, the landscape that stood in front of him, the Mediterranean climate and vegetation where lemon trees bloom and golden oranges shine among dark leaves. The landscape and environmental characteristics of the coast around the lake are fairly unchanged since the time of Goethe. The lake and the mountain are the elements that define vegetation. The landscape presents varieties of essences and the spreading of big hotels and historic villas, that have further enriched the variety of plants. As a consequence, in order to make a plan of the vegetation for public lawns, all these factors have been taken into consideration, thus respecting the existing flora. As we can see from the plans shown on this table, the essences that will be taken into consideration are those typical of coastal areas, where the climate allows for the plantation of lavender, Cistus, Potentilla, myrtle, Santolina, Spiraea. They can develop appropriately and have longer blooming times, also during the months in which there are fewer tourists. Particular emphasis has been given to the positioning of vegetation close to the essences that are already present, so that something beautiful but also functional in terms of maintenance is devised.

Landscape architect: Maurizio Raisoni.