ForestaMI project


76 thousand trees have already been planted and more will be placed in 250 areas in the metropolitan area of the city of Milan, for a total of 713 hectares. The ForestaMI project – to which Myplant has contributed with the project “Il bosco di Myplant” (Myplant’s woodland) – involves the planting of 3 million trees within 2030.

250 areas have been chosen: 110 will be developed for the creation and redevelopment of green areas and urban parks, 82 will host new woodlands, 20 will be home to residential forestation projects (including schools, a sport centre, a parish and a party area), 14 woodlands will be renovated, 4 areas have a significant natural relevance, 2 will be devoted to urban vegetable gardens. Side by side to these interventions, 137 km of existing paths and 12 km of new ones will have to be sided by trees and bushes.

The areas that are involved in the reforestation project have been provided by 24 cities around the metropolitan area of Milan: Abbiategrasso, Cesano Boscone, Carpiano, Colturano, Cornaredo, Gaggiano, Locate di Triulzi, Melegnano, Melzo, Paullo, San Zenone al Lambro, Segrate, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Vimodrone, Vizzolo Predabissi, Basiano, Cambiago, Carugate, Corsico, Gudo Visconti, Masate, Pioltello, Rho, Settimo Milanese. Other locations are regional parks: Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, Parco Nord Milano, Parco Lombardo della Valle Ticino, Parco Agricolo Nord Est and Parco Est delle Cave.

In the city of Milan, during the last season, 19,054 trees and 4,650 bushes have been planted, also thanks to the cooperation of citizens, students, associations and private companies. Over the last three years the number of trees in Milan has more than doubled. ForestaMI has brought the Minister for the Environment Sergio Costa to say publicly that Milan “is a model that should be followed by the rest of Italy.”

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