eXtraBo is a green incubator in the heart of Bologna. The space is located within a pedestrian area in the center of the city. It has been inaugurated last December and its aim is to show the presence of nature in the city and its surroundings: parks, countryside, hills, and the Appennino find their recognition in this space that wishes to become both the heart of the strategy for tourist reception in Bologna, and of the divulgation concerning the urban and suburban landscape.

eXtraBo is located in a public building that has been redeveloped from its previous use as a shop, and it stands as a symbolic element in the green communication in the city of Bologna, that has made its natural heritage one of its main priorities, side by side to the awareness that plants in the centre of the city and its surroundings represent a resource for the promotion of the territory and for the quality of life of its citizens.

The operators that are involved in the management of extraBo are mainly those who are employed in trekking and cycling tours. The area becomes the meeting point for the itineraries by foot around the city and its surroundings, and also the starting point of the walks “Via degli Dei” and “Via della Lana e della Seta”.

During the redevelopment of the building, rooms for events, meetings, labs for adults and children have also been devised.

See also: www.bolognawelcome.com/extrabo